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Parents & Caregivers

Parenting undoubtedly has its ups and downs. Maybe you're a new mom experiencing anxiety, anger, and hopelessness, or a mom of multiple children, feeling burnt out, struggling to balance it all, or overwhelmed with a child who is exhibiting troubling or combative behaviors. Whether you're having feelings of frustration, disappointment, stress, guilt, inadequacy, or lost your sense of self, reaching out for guidance and support for yourself can be life-changing for you and your family. I offer a safe space for you to share, reflect, and work on unresolved experiences that may be weighing you down. This is about you. Your healing, growth, and self-compassion. To in turn, help you develop a better understanding and connection to your children. Then, we can work together to explore and practice new parenting skills, learn to manage your child's behaviors and emotions, so you can feel empowered!

Children & Adolescents

Have you noticed a difference in your child? Maybe a shift in their mood and behavior, a sudden drop in their grades, and social withdrawal. You're trying to help them navigate this new chapter in their lives, but often this leads to arguments, explosive emotional outbursts, and then completely shutting down. As children enter into adolescence, the pressure starts to increase. Pressure at school, with their friends, academics, social media, and family pressures all take a toll. Allowing your child to be in a safe space where they can unpack their unique feelings, thoughts, and experiences can allow for comfort and relief. With a trained professional counselor like myself, we will also work on techniques and tools they can utilize to regulate their emotions, thoughts, and actions in a healthy way to help them now and in the future.

Empty Beach

Christian Counseling

In times of darkness, despair, and disappointment, the world likes to tell us that this is it. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Throughout scripture, God's given us His promise. And in the midst of the chaos and messiness of this life, I've witnessed God demonstrate His faithfulness. As a therapist, I am dedicated to providing therapeutic modalities integrated with truth-based Biblical principles. If you have differing beliefs, I will be sensitive and respectful of that. With that, Christian counseling will look different depending on the preferences of the client. For clients who would like Christian practices throughout therapy, I can include praying at the end of the session and integrating Bible passages and studies that may relate to a situation. 

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